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Oct 8, 2012 9:00am EDT
governor jerry brown has now said that we are not going to -- that we are going to be to have winter grade gasoline for the wholesale market, that is supposed to boost supplies, drive down prices. we've seen it in the wholesale level. and we've already seen a little bit of a weakening here in the arbob market as well. prices will start to trickle down. jane wells all over that story. we'll have much more coming up. back to you. >> thank you, sharon. >>> big week for the marriage banks. earnings to come from jpmorgan and wells fargo. but what about banks and reserves for loan losses? the last several quarters, banks have seen their earnings up sharply in some ways as a result of releases of those reserves because, well, the credit picture is getting better. kayla tausche takes a deeper look and joins us from h.q. >> a key banking industry barometer is that of those loan loss provisions or the money that banks set aside to fund loans that could turn sour. it's no surprise that that figure which indicates how stable a bank's borrowing base is, that those would touch record highs during
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
in the pajama party, by the way. >> you have jim brown talking about investors fleeing the market and the percentage of households from 2001 that have stocks or stock funs down to 46% now. i mean, is that a contrarian indicator of any kind? we make fun of these types of stories constantly. >> you see that the stock market was down? the machines are in charge. 50% of the trading and the sec is beginning to answer this question. >> sorry. i think it's funny, but yea, being look, every day you come here and there's some fiasco involving trading. >> we still haven't sorted through. we still don't know what the levels are with the ratios and kraft and the trade went off, the machine trade and people say, of course, because it's all phony and this used to be a place to raise capital. >> it still is a place to raise capital. >> no, 60% of volume have high-frequency trading. >> it is something that would be up 33% in the second. confidence has been hurt by an 11-year, no move at all in the s&p and we're up a bit this year and by so many of the trading glitches. >> no, no, was the bad -- >
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2